About Ms. J

Years ago I got the travel bug and have loved traveling across the globe ever since. Through my countless trips, I found some decent travel accessories, but so many others that were poorly constructed. Many of them were made of low quality materials, and just could not stand up to my travel schedule. It was clear there was a void that needed to be filled. I knew there needed to be more travel accessories that were not only made of quality materials, but that wouldn’t break the bank, AND had a bit of style!

Through uncovering a void in the travel organizing solutions space, and the knowledge I gained from my travel experiences - The Ms. J brand was born. She was born out of a passion for travel and a need for quality, stylish, and affordable travel products for women on-the-go. I hope you’ll find that each piece was made with you in mind!

– Tracey McGhee (Ms. J)