Tracey McGhee - The Original Ms. J!Traveling across the globe has been a passion of mine for years! So far I've visited 27 countries - with a few of my favorites being Bali, Indonesia; Paris, France; and Kruger National Park, South Africa!

It's always been fun but.....

During my countless trips, I went through so many travel accessories that were poorly made from low quality materials. They just didn't hold up to my sense of adventure or my travel schedule. It was so frustrating to feel unorganized and constantly having to search through my luggage or drawers. 
Clearly there was a problem that needed to be solved. I knew there needed to be more travel accessories that were well-made from quality materials, wouldn’t break the bank, AND had a bit of style! Why? Because feeling organized, peaceful and beautiful makes it easier to focus on all of the other things in your life!
Using my travel experiences and desire to feel peacefully productive everywhere I go, the Ms. J brand was born. She was born out of a passion for travel and a need for quality, stylish, and affordable products for women on-the-go.
After months and months of designing, we perfected styles that meet our high-standards for durability, style and value. Each piece was made with you in mind!

– Tracey McGhee (Ms. J)

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 Ms. J is a certified Woman Owned Business 
WBEC Certified & NAWBO Member