We're Ready for Travel...But is Travel Ready for Us?

For so many of us, as soon as travel really opened back up, we wasted no time planning those postponed or cancelled trips from last year. Personally, I was itching to get on a plane and honestly didn’t care where I was going.

But if you’ve traveled lately, you have probably experienced what a lot of people are talking about in travel-related groups and on blogs - we might be ready to get back to traveling, but travel isn’t quite ready for us.

Like every other industry, the travel industry is experiencing major staffing shortages. From flight attendants to pilots, every role is short-staffed leading to excessive delays, cancelled flights, and longer lines. Add in mechanical issues and bad weather and you can forget it. Industry professionals with over 40 years of experience have NEVER seen it like this. And there are no signs of things changing soon.

What this means is that we need to change our approach to travel.  Here are a few tips to prepare for your upcoming trips:

  • Plan in advance and expect delays
  • Pack portable chargers for your phone and other devices
  • Download extra movies on your iPad
  • If you have wireless headsets, bring your wired headsets, too
  • Bring a light blanket
  • Get to the airport 1 extra hour earlier than you initially planned
  • Bring snacks and water and fill up your water bottle before you board the plane – supplies are limited and some plans have run out of water during the flight.
  • If you’re booked on the last flight of the day, be prepared to spend the night in the airport. I’ve had a flight delayed 5 times
  • Don’t travel with your pets if you don’t have to
  • Don’t check your medicine or keys in your luggage

Finally, and probably the most important tip: be kind to the people working in the industry.  It costs you nothing. They’re dealing with the pandemic craziness and they are EXHAUSTED!  Give them the grace you would hope to receive from others.

Thanks to Rae Ferg for sharing so many great tips in one of my favorite FB Groups!