5 Travel Trends of 2022

The world has opened back up and travel is back! Now more than ever before, people are heading outside and jetting off to new places to make up for the last 2 years. Several trend reports indicate that the pandemic has shifted the way people look at travel.  Here’s a look at what many experts are expecting to see in travel this year:

Budget Trips

Let’s face it, with inflation and these through-the-roof gas prices, high-end trips may not be practical for everyone.  The good news is that affordable trips are still out there.  It just may take a little more time and research to find them.  Cruises are the last in the travel industry to rebound from the pandemic, and are offering deals that are pretty affordable. There are Caribbean cruises for as low as $149/person, so it a great time to take advantage of deals.

Solo Travel 2.0:

This is a trend that won’t be slowing down any time soon.  After being cooped up for 2 years, so many people, particularly women have realized that holding off on those travel dreams just doesn’t make sense any more.  What we’re starting to see is an evolution of solo travel.  Travel groups and planners are organizing more trips specifically for solo travelers.  This allows solo travelers to travel with a community, it provides a space to meet new people, and they can leave the planning to someone else.

The Bucket List is Being Checked Off

If we’ve learned nothing from the pandemic, we know that putting things off until “tomorrow” may not always be the best approach to life.  Many are adopting the mindset of "traveling like there’s no tomorrow". If you can afford it, why wait to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip when you retire?  A number of travel advisors have seen a recent increase in demand for those luxury trips that many were putting off for the future.

Family Trips Are On the Rise

We missed a lot these last two years and those important moments like wedding, graduations and birthdays won’t be recaptured. Family trips are an excellent way to create a lifetime of memories while exploring other geographies.  Not long ago, my family visited a small town outside of Chicago and rented a log cabin for a weekend.  It was one of the most memorable trips we’ve had.  It’s an amazing way to spend time with loved ones while exploring new places.

Bright Lights in the Big Cities Are Back!

Big cities took a huge hit during the pandemic.  However, I recently attended the Hospitality & Tourism Summit for Chicago and the energy was off the charts.  Hotel concierges, meeting planners, and anyone in the hospitality industry was at this event.  What was clear is that the industry is expecting a big comeback for Chicago in 2022.  It sounds like all major cities (and even the smaller ones) are anticipating an unprecedented number of tourists as well.  So, if budgets are tight, or you don’t have a lot of time to take off for an extended vacation, a quick trip to a nearby city is a great option to add to your 2022 travel plans.  You can likely find some good hotel deals, too.  Airbnb has changed the game and some hotels are doing everything they can to keep up.

There are so many different ways people are traveling this year. Which trend will you jump on? 

Travel Far!
Ms. J