Secret to getting the best service while traveling!

I’ve come across a few articles that promise to give you advice on how to get the best service on an airplane, how to get the best treatment at a hotel.  Naturally, I’m interested!  Who doesn’t want to get the best of everything, especially while we’re traveling.  We’re often trying to wind down from a crazy busy schedule, or we’ve spent a good amount on an exciting travel adventure - so of course you want the best.  Getting better service or treatment can only make your travel experience that much more memorable.

What’s not too surprising is that the little secret is the same in nearly all of the articles I’ve read.  What is surprising is how infrequent people tend to use this little secret.  So what’s the secret?? It’s being kind!  Yes, really.  Treating people with respect, like they’re another human being.  It never occurred to me that something so simple and small could make that much of a difference.  But it can. 

Recently I had a conversation with a relative, who’s been a flight attendant for nearly 30 years.  She shared story after story about how rude and inconsiderate travelers can be – particularly American travelers.  It was rather embarrassing.  She’s been cursed out because she ran out of a breakfast item.  She’s had customers throw things at her.  Because it happens so frequently, she and her fellow attendants often try and guess which customers are going to be the rudest.  They’re usually right!

Just based on the stories she shared with me, it’s no surprise that simply being nice can make a difference in the service you’re provided.  But honestly, I don’t think anyone should be nice because it might get them better service or an extra perk.  We should be nice because that’s the way we should be! 

So, this post might not have provided you with the best “hack” of all time, but I hope it’s a remainder that wherever we are and whoever we engage with, the Golden Rule should be a standard item on our packing checklists!