5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

The Holidays are officially here, which means a lot of travel will be underway in the coming weeks!  Whether you’re visiting relatives or taking time off for yourself, we’re in for busy travel times.  Add on the recent news that international travelers are now welcome back to the states, you can expect this year to be even more hectic. 

This travel season doesn’t have to be stressful.  Here are a few hacks that can help take the stress out of Holiday travel: 

  1. Keep your outfits simple: What works really well for me is traveling in “uniforms” that I can throw on every day. My go-to when I’m traveling to warmer climates is a maxi dress with a light jacket for when it’s gets cool at night, or to wrap around my waist. For colder destinations, I love black leggings and boots, with a white top and an assortment of cardigans. Choose whatever works for you - uniforms simplify everything because what you have to wear is one less thing to think about. 
  1. Travel only with carry-ons: the Holiday travel season is the best time to avoid baggage claim. You can shave off an extra 30 - 45 minutes from your trip if you can cut out the time it takes to wait for checked luggage.  You’ll want to maximize the pieces you travel with and be strategic with how you travel:
  • Bring one suitcase that can fit in the overhead bin and one personal item that doubles as additional storage/packing space. Look for duffle bags or totes like this one that are spacious enough for a laptop plus a couple of packing cubes, and more.
  • The roll method plus packing cubes can work wonders. This combination saves so much space and will help to maximize your personal item or suitcase.
  • Wear your heavier & bulkier items. Save space in your suitcase by wearing items that take up a lot of baggage space. If you’re traveling to colder destinations and you plan to bring boots and sweaters, wear them on the plane instead of packing them.
  1. Keep jewelry at a minimum. For quick trips, carry just one pair of gold and one pair of silver earrings. If you wear a necklace, think of one that can go with gold and silver. Use the J Jewelry Case Detachable Earring Panel and Detachable Pouch for your earrings and simply wrap your necklace around the earring panel to keep it secure. 
  1. Put jewelry on AFTER security: on the subject of jewelry, when you’re headed to the airport, instead of putting on your jewelry before you get to the airport, place your jewelry in the J Jewelry Pouch and wait until you make it through security to put it on. Avoid holding up the line because you have to go in and out of the scanner several times only to realize it was the jewelry the whole time.  That’s been me!  
  1. Pack extra of those little extras. Be prepared for delays and cancellations. While most flights stay on schedule, delays will continue to happen as we adjust to our “new normal”.  It’s always a good idea to be prepared just in case.  Pack a couple of extra pair of panties and a bra in the event that you get stranded.  This saved me on a couple of recent trips!

 Travel Far!