2021 Travel Trends

Are we getting back to normal travel again?  According to travel bloggers and enthusiasts, it doesn't seem too far away. Over the past several weeks, we’ve been following many of the travel industry’s leaders on Clubhouse, blogs, and Facebook Groups to see what the latest conversations are about, and there's a lot of talk about 2021 Travel Trends.

With millions getting vaccinated every day and a steady decline in cases…there’s a lot of optimism going around.  People are ready to get back to some degree of normalcy and that includes travel!

Here's what many are predicting are the trends in travel for 2021:

  • Nature-based travel/outdoor activities: staying outdoors still gives a lot of people peace of mind. As the weather warms up across the country, it’s a simple and nice departure for many.  It also allows for very affordable options for families, including adventure travel and hiking.  We’re also hearing a lot about RV/Camper trips, which sounds like a fun way to travel local.
  • Domestic travel:  speaking of local travel, while so many are ready to get away, some folks still want to stay close to home.  Although vaccinations are on the rise in the US, it may take some time before other countries are ready to welcome foreign travelers.  As a result, we’re seeing a lot of local trips being planned for 2021.  It’s a nice time to visit local destinations that might have previously been overlooked.
  • Sustainable travel: The pandemic has forced many of us to take a closer look at how we’re individually impacting the world.  That includes the carbon footprint we’re leaving behind, booking eco-conscious accommodations, or choosing a destination that values sustainability.  The shift to sustainable travel is emerging as a hot trend for 2021 and beyond.
  • Supporting local businesses: we all know the impact the pandemic has had on small businesses.  It’s been devastating for many and it’s reinforced the need to pay attention to how and where we’re spending our dollars.  Some travelers are prioritizing local businesses during their travels whenever and however they can. Consider curating a list of the top local restaurants and boutiques before you go.  And commit to supporting them during your visit.

One thing most travel experts agree on is that people are itching to go places. Whether they’re popular or lesser known destinations… the one trend that’s consistent is simply getting away!